Fetal Doppler…who knew???

fetal doppler used in clinc

There are a few things we need to remember about fetal Doppler. 1. It does not replace your healthcare providers advise and care!! You should never use something against the wishes of your doctor or your healthcare provider. 2. You get what you pay for. There are some very cheap models on the … [Continue reading]

Black Friday Deal of the Day: 20$ off


Save $20 on our best selling 3Mhz hi bebe fetal doppler.  Limited time only.  Deal ends 11/23/2012 Use coupon code : Thanksgiving20 … [Continue reading]

Why should I choose the Hi-Bebe fetal dopplers from Bistos America?

That’s probably the easier question we’ve ever answered at Bistos America!  Because we value our customers!  We are not just some huge … [Continue reading]

Do you offer a rental plan for your Fetal Dopplers?

NO.  With so many fetal Dopplers on the market today, prices have dropped dramatically making them increasingly affordable for home use.  Our … [Continue reading]

So What Is the Difference Between a High End Quality Fetal Doppler and Lower Cost Fetal Doppler?

Let’s just start by saying you are not buying a car. (This is going to be one article where we are going to appeal to the fathers for a change!) … [Continue reading]

Why do I Need To Use Gels With My Fetal Doppler?

Why do I Need To Use Gels With My Fetal Doppler? Air does not conduct high frequency sound waves as readily as liquids, which is why ultrasound gel … [Continue reading]

What kind of Batteries does the Hi-Bebe Fetal Doppler use?

One of the best features of the HI-Bebe Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor is that it uses two every day, readily available AA batteries.  There’s … [Continue reading]